Living Au Naturel

the journey of awakening to your true nature
through self-awareness, divine love, and nurturing self-care

Let us journey together…
As you explore your unique being,
caring for yourself on an intimate level,
letting go of expectations, judgments, and external ideas of who you are suppose to be,
to connect, feel, and know who you truly are…

Your true nature, your Au Naturel self.

This is the essence of Au Naturel Wellness
and the journey of Living Au Naturel.


My Purpose

I am here to guide you to lovingly care for your self, through all aspects of your life...
whether you are in transition or change, 
feeling lost or disconnected, 
wanting to move toward a specific goal or call forth your unique purpose,
or just looking for support, guidance, and accountability to move forward in your life with grace and ease, 
I am here.

I am here to support you, love you, and guide you on your journey, 
to discover and be your most true self, aligned in mind, body, and soul. 



A safe, grounding space. With a unique energy to support and nurture you on your journey in.
Amidst a sweet rustic ranch tucked into the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Where a dirt road guides you back, a stone brickyard guides you through,
and the unique and sacred energy of this studio is right here, waiting to meet and hold you.



Wellness Coaching

Learn more about my Holistic Wellness Coaching offerings and Program, including the Yoga Therapy techniques to guide you into your body to feel the potential that lives within you.

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YOGA STudio & Private Sessions

Find out about the unique space of the Au Naturel Yoga Studio, Yoga Therapy practices, and Private Yoga offerings for individuals and groups.

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Additional Wellness Experiences

Wellness Workshops and Retreats - Sharing group experiences of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and care. It's community.

Private Dinner Parties - Created with my husbamd, Chef Matt Campbell, to offer special and unique dining experiences with custom menus and friendly service. It's not just the food, but the love we bring to the table. Host your guests in your home, and let us do the rest.

Farm to Table Experiences - Sourcing from local farms and business, and along side my husband, Chef Matt Campbell, we create, cook and serve our community to connect and experience local love and flavor.

Art on the Mat - Collaborating with my dear friend, Carrie's where Creativity and Yoga come to Play .

Live Music Yoga - A Sweet Serenade of Live Music by my friend, french born musician Alexis Juliard, during Yoga and Meditation to take the practice and experience to a whole new level.

*Check the Events page for Upcoming Scheduled Events and Experiences


Photos on Home page by Images by Blaire Catherine at the Au Naturel studio