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I believe the sharing of others, when its open and honest and from the heart, can allow us to see and experience something we may not have on our own. I believe in word of mouth sharing, yet sometimes it's through reading from a stranger that we get to hear. And because words can only describe so much, I believe that just stepping onto this Ranch and into these sacred studios of Yoga & Wellness, you will feel and you will know if this is the healing space and support you have been yearning for.

Read and Feel into their words below.

And if you feel the call, please reach out or come visit. 

With love,

all of us


"It’s hard to find the words to express my appreciation and experience with Lindsey. Her spirit, energy, and wisdom are unparalleled. She is genuine, kind, and gentle. She is understanding, and asks the right questions.  As soon as you step foot on the ranch you feel more at ease. The energy of her space is calming and magical (even in the worst of times). I approached Lindsey when I was going through a divorce. It turned what is typically a multi-year healing process into weeks or months. I saw her for coaching weekly in person for a couple months and then via phone for another month or so as I moved. She gave me the support I needed, a listening ear when I needed to talk, and the tools to deal with my emotions and feelings in the future. I can’t possibly thank her enough or recommend her more strongly. She is an angel in my life who I will always be grateful for and I am sure anyone would feel the same. If you are reading this review wondering if this is the right decision, IT IS! :)"  Smiles! Brie

"I didn’t really know what to expect when I first started working with Lindsey. I wanted to be a better version of myself and a friend recommended her for wellness coaching. Now, she knows more about me than anyone. Working with her is like soul therapy - in an organic, supportive, sister/mother kind of way. She makes being vulnerable way less scary. I’ve experienced healing over the last few months that wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance, support and insight. Working with her has allowed me to be more gentle and present with myself. I’ve set and surpassed goals in my finances, my business and my relationships. I’m more in alignment. I’m more in love. And I’m so, so thankful." - Jemini

"I am a person who has been dealing with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. In addition to participating in counseling I have been treated for these things medically on and off since I was a young teenager. My anxiety has made it difficult for me to adapt to even small changes. I would spiral out and I truly thought at that time that, “this is just the way I am, I can’t control it.” Then I met Lindsey. I had reached a point in my journey through life where I was at a crossroads. I could either continue forward on my current path and struggle daily with anxiety resulting in an overall feeling of hopelessness and unhappiness or I could make a change. I was aware that she facilitated wellness coaching and set up an appointment. That was about a year and a half ago and it is still one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has guided me in discovering the power that exists within me. I am no longer at the mercy of my anxiety. That’s not to say that I don’t have it. I do. I also have a choice in how I manage it and cope with it. The thing that sets this experience apart for me is that, in my sessions, we focus not only on my mental well being but also on the physical as well as spiritual. We talk about what I am doing to nourish and feed my physical body as well as my spirit. Lindsey guides me through customized practices of yoga and meditation as well as teaching me tools for resetting myself in the moment. Lindsey tailors the sessions and experience to me as a unique human being based on my individual needs in that moment. My time with her has been transformative on many levels and I look forward to continuing this beautiful journey."
- Laura

"I have been practicing yoga for the past six years and have been fortunate to study with some of the very best teachers, in some of the very best cities, across North America.  I moved to Phoenix a few months ago and was looking for a yoga class that allowed me to feel connected to the practice and myself.  A friend recommended that I meet Lindsey and take her class.  The result was more than I could have imagined.  Lindsey has an incredible talent for leading a deeply restorative physical practice and meditation.  The first time I took her class, I was blown away by my experience.  Her energy is warm, kind, and loving.  She is a teacher who emanates her desire to serve her students.  Her classes are beautiful, safe, and nurturing; and I consider them to be one of the best self care practices I have in my life right now. My wish is for peace.  I believe it begins with ourselves.  Lindsey's class gives me a container for it, even if only for an hour within my day."  More love, Kerri

"Lindsey is a gift. Her mere presence creates a space where I feel seen, heard and nurtured. Whether it is guiding me through her yoga class, or taking the time to talk afterwards, I walk away feeling light, centered and inspired. I especially appreciate how Lindsey always meets me where I am, judgement free, and encourages me to do the same for myself. Thank you, for being YOU, Lindsey!"  LOVE, Brandiece

"For all of us, there are people you meet along life's journey who without realizing it . . . change your life for the better. Lindsey has been one of those people for me.  I had never taken a yoga class and came to Lindsey's studio an exhausted, burned out executive dealing with a broken heart and the illness and eventual death of my mother. I walked into restorative yoga needing to be restored in so many ways. Lindsey has a lovely way of exuding warmth, love, kindness and making everyone feel welcomed and nurtured in her studio space. I have been genuinely impressed not just with her method of teaching and her way of encouraging, but her knowledge of the body and health benefits of yoga. As someone with very little previous personal knowledge of yoga, I am now a big proponent of the physical and mental benefits of this practice. The studio is a beautiful space with a lovely aesthetic that is unique and part of the experience. I prioritize our class with Lindsey at Au Naturel as truly one of the very best parts of each week!!!"  - Alyssa

"I have had the pleasure of taking Lindsey's yoga classes, experiencing her Evening of Divine Relaxation, and transforming through her Book Circle. I cannot recommend her work more highly. Lindsey is uniquely gifted at facilitating the quieting of the mind for growth and expansion. I feel myself release tension and slow down almost immediately upon entering her sacred space at the ranch, and I always leave grounded and aligned. Her energy and the energy there is magical! Lindsey truly creates a space for my best self to come forward, and I am grateful to have her as a coach, teacher, and soul sister." --Martha

"I started coming to yoga classes at Au Naturel studio during my first year of law school.  Needless to say, I was in need of some relaxation and re-centering.  I love the intimacy of the small classes, the coziness of the studio, and Lindsey's warmth as a teacher.  Each class is a little different.  Lindsey knows how to incorporate challenges but make you feel safe and comfortable at the same time.  I always leave the studio feeling calm and refreshed.   And when I'm feeling anxious outside of class, I now know how to take a deep breath and tap into that calm feeling.  Taking yoga classes at the studio is one of my favorite parts of my weekly routine." -  Lindsay

"Au Naturel Studio was recommended to me by a friend several years ago. I hadn’t really practiced yoga for many years and I was nervous about doing things “wrong.”  Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lindsey welcomed me so warmly and graciously, my worries just melted away. As I continued my practice with her each week, I began to relax and focus on the wonderful energy surrounding us. Each class seemed to bring me a greater level of peace. I’ve been with Lindsey and all my dear friends for years now and it still brings a sense of calm and happiness to me every time I step onto the mat. If you’re looking for a community that can help you connect, relax and grow, Au Naturel Studio is the right place. And Lindsey is the instructor who can guide you to a better and happier self." - Mary M

"It's a joy to visit the studio. It's an intimate sanctuary, just driving onto the property feels like an escape out of town. Lindsey is patient, calm, and the pacing of the practice is supportive, both spiritually and physically. She has helped me to discover a quiet stillness that's available, even when off the mat. I'm am thankful for the moments that I've had being gently guided to that space." - Elizabeth

"The book circle gave me a chance to open up to a loving and supportive group of women who are also journeying to find their soul's purpose.  There I found a safe space among others that are diving deep in the depths of learning about themselves.  Not only is the space is sacred, comforting, candlelit, and smelling of the heavenly scent which is Palo Santo.  It was an honor to be invited to a beautiful place like Au Naturel and to read "The Untethered Soul" with the guidance of Lindsey Smith.  I Loved her journal questions and her sweet soul! I feel lucky to have her here in Arizona as a local source for Wellness & Natural Healing." - Chelise, LMT

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend Lindsey’s yoga classes twice a week. Her balanced approach to teaching is the perfect combination of clear instruction and meditative guidance.  Further, Lindsey’s tranquil studio and the space she holds allows me to quickly drop into a healing practice and shed stress.  This is so helpful as I usually arrive to class still going strong from the work day.  I am so pleased to recommend Au Naturel Wellness as a path to mental, physical and emotional growth!" - Gerard

"After having my first child my mind and body were an absolute wreck.  I craved a space that I could safely reconnect and reassemble myself. Lindsey's studio is simply magical. I was welcomed and allowed to move through life postpartum. As an instructor, Lindsey, has an ability to love, support, and challenge you. I was able to release, process, and connect in a way that was necessary for my recovery." - Tristan

"I am so grateful to have Lindsey as part of my ‘spiritual growth village’.   She has guided me to a better understanding of what I need physically, emotionally and spiritually, and she has given me the tools to create my own self-care practice.  At her studio, I always feel as though I’m wrapped in a warm blanket of love and support!" - Susan

"When I arrived at the ranch, I was feeling sad, despondent, and negative.  I knew there were changes that I both needed, and wanted, to make in my life, to be happier and healthier.  After one session with Lindsey, I felt more alive.  More awake.  More true to who I really am.  She helped me to open up, and find my breath.  Through that breath, I can connect to the inner peace within.  Inner peace is what we all seek, so that we can, in turn, reflect that peace back to the world.  My purpose is to help others along their path, and help foster the peace within.  This inner peace fuels me, and is there to help motivate and energize me throughout my days.  Being an elementary school teacher, the practices and lessons I learned at my time on the ranch can be used in my classroom, to guide and encourage my students to find their own peace while fulfilling my purpose as a human here on earth." - Amanda


**If you have been a coaching or yoga client of mine, attended classes, workshops or events at the Studio and would like to share your words of support, please do! The sharing of your experience may help open up the door for someone else to journey in.

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Banner Photo by Images by Blaire Catherine at the Au Naturel Yoga Studio