Holistic Wellness & Life Coaching

A customized wellness program that caters to your specific goals and challenges in living towards your potential, through self-discovery, enlightened awareness and sacred action.

My programs are based on a holistic approach (how all aspects of ones being and life are connected), bio-individuality (honoring each person's unique being, situation and journey), awakened awareness and mindfulness (opening the mind to limiting thoughts, habits, and patterns that may be holding you back, and celebrating the opportunities for growth and inner guidance), sacred action (making conscious choices inline with your intentions to establish new practices and rituals), and deeper introspective work through our discussionsyoga therapy, and energy practices (incorporating breathwork, gentle movement, and guided meditation to awaken your innate healing gifts and potential for this life).  

Many of my clients come to me to explore their relationship with themselves, their life and the world around them; looking for guidance and support to make change and move forward in life with inspiration, clarity, and confidence, rooted in grace and ease.

It's not about force or struggle, and it's not about deprivation or fear. Though these aspects will show us the work, and open the door, they aren't where you belong. From opening the door, we create the space to know who you truly are, what feels and works well for you, what makes you come alive and gives you motivation for making sustainable lifestyle changes to support yourself throughout your entire life. It IS about feeling good from the inside out and loving your unique and beautiful being through the journey.

For the love you feel within your self, is a reflection of the love you are able to gift to this world. The world needs you. The world needs your love. But the love begins inside your own tender heart. Let’s journey in and call it forth. Let the love flow. Let it be received. And let it be shared. No limits. No boundaries. Just love, in its pure form and pure potential. You, my dear, are pure potential. Let’s honor it and open to its presence and gifts that are right here waiting for you to say Yes.


And this is how You Begin that Journey...

Au Naturel - 6 Month Program:

My coaching is built around a relationship of honesty, openness, accountability and commitment, and deeply rooted in love. This is on both of our ends. I will be here to support you in all aspects of your being, as we journey into the depths of your heart, break through the fears in your mind, and call upon your soul’s medicine to heal yourself to the wholeness you are. It’s big work. It’s powerful work. It’s deep, it’s important, it’s needed, and it’s beautiful. And what I ask of you is to commit to this level of work for yourself, as an investment in your wellbeing, and your life. It is through this commitment I feel you will have the guidance, experience, and knowledge, to set yourself free, to live in harmony with your heart, and be the person you dream of who is here With Great Purpose.

Schedule your First Session & Journey into your Unique Coaching Experience:

From the very first session, the journey begins. Your first coaching session includes an in-depth discussion of your unique situation, wellness history, life goals and challenges. It's an opportunity for us to establish a relationship and begin the coaching work. From this first session, you will receive immediate support and practices to start to integrate into your life.

From there, we will continue with coaching sessions on a bi-weekly basis (every other week) to allow time and space for you to integrate new practices, cultivate deeper awareness and reflection, and integrate sacred action you are inspired by to embody in your life.

Email communication is available in between sessions. Loving and supportive accountability and motivation for creating positive change, experiencing deep growth, and moving forward in your life is the heart of my coaching.

Sessions are focused around our open hearted conversations and deep discussions (no topic is off limits), we go where we are called to go, and we allow our intuitive energies to flow together, and the grace of Spirit to guide us. We will integrate therapeutic yoga practices (no yoga experience necessary) and energy work with a focus on the chakra system. These experiential practices include guided breathwork, various forms of meditation (including yoga nidra), sound, movement, and core stress release (stress and trauma work) to get out of the overthinking mind, and soften into the feeling body. It is here where you have the opportunity to awaken your own self-healing potential, tuning into your body’s innate wisdom, to create real change in your self and your life. All that “stuff”you feel stuck or held in your body and mind, will have the opportunity to move out, and clear out. This process of releasing and clearing is to ultimately open and awaken to your true nature. I believe it is here where our power and grace really truly live. Let’s invite Her to come out and play.

Please dress comfortably for our sessions, as we will be going into the body, in gentle and loving ways.

*Sessions are typically done in person at my studio, though I do offer phone/skype sessions for those not available to meet in person*

Au Naturel Studio is located off of McDonald and Scottsdale Road, address: 6207 N. Cattletrack Road, Studio #8, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

The Au Naturel 6-Month Coaching Program is a total of 12 sessions, 90 minutes in length, meeting bi-weekly (twice per month)

Please reach out if interested, have any questions, and/or to schedule your First Session:

Lindsey Smith Campbell

phone: 480-227-5672

email: lindsey@aunaturel-wellness.com

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Cover Photo by Images by Blaire Catherine at the Au Naturel Wellness Studio