Yoga Programs, Classes & Schedule

Yoga is a practice. A practice for life. It allows us to get centered and connected into your bodies and into our hearts. This practice creates a space of freedom and expression that spreads throughout our lives in how we see ourselves and how we view the world. It is a process of clearing and letting go, of peeling back the emotional and physical layers to get us back in tune to our true nature, our Au Naturel self. 

As many yogis will tell you, my life changed when I began my yoga practice. It wasn't an instant change, but a steady unfolding that kept me coming back to my mat to experience the next piece...the movement that guided me into my body, the breath that allowed me to feel my energy and spaciousness. It began to show me the natural state of my being…an inner sense of calm, a feeling of peace. It held the space for me to call forth my heart’s awakening, be in connection with Spirit, and embody my Soul. It is a daily practice. One that is filled with opportunity and potential. With this practice I feel in-tune to the rhythms of life, the natural flow of energy, and able to participate in this life with new awareness and ease. Like healthy food to the belly, yoga has become nourishment to my soul. 

We all have a journey.  And we all practice yoga.  Whether we realize it or not. There is a moment in a day when we let out a big sigh giving permission for the stress and worries we hold to be released. Another moment where we feel our shoulders hunching forward and we decide to sit up straight, roll our shoulders back and create/feel more space. A moment when we focus our attention on a given task and become it full-heartedly. And then there’s that moment, that special sweet soothing moment, when we close our eyes, and we gift ourselves a moment to feel something inside ourselves begin to awaken and come alive. This is the journey. This is the yoga. And the yoga mat represents a practice of showing up, saying yes to the journey and seeing where it takes us this day. Each day something new unfolds.

What will come alive within you today?

With love, Lindsey


Since my maternity leave in the Summer of 2018, I am not currently offering weekly yoga classes. My focus at this time is private yoga offerings for individuals and small group (see info below), coaching clients around wellness and holistic self-care (which includes healing emphasis therapeutic yoga practices), and sharing monthly workshops and events. You are welcome to join my newsletter list if you would like updates regarding my schedule and offerings, which will include more therapeutic yoga programs and classes.

My Current Private Yoga Offerings: (for individual or group)

  • Guided Deep Stretch - Yin style postures, working through the fascia of the body, opening pathways for energy to open and flow

  • Slow Mindful Movement - gentle fluid movement to explore and feel into the body, breath and movement flowing intuitively

  • Restorative Postures - floor based postures using various props to support the body to relax and open with ease

  • Guided Breathwork - Pranayama, giving our breath guidance, direction, and focus to feel and move our own energy

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation - guided meditation relaxing all aspects of one’s being and resolution of deep tensions of the subconscious

  • Core Stress Release - awakening the body’s innate tremoring ability to naturally release stress and held traumas from the body

*Private Yoga Sessions are personalized and custom to the individual or group, depending on the intention and need…often times integrating various styles and practices into one holistic session, supporting your own healing ability to come through.
Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length to allow for the healing modalities to be experienced in a spacious and nurturing way.
Please inquire for rates and to schedule your private session:

**See EVENTS page for Specialty Classes, Workshops & Monthly Events**

Other Offerings from the Studio:
Please join the other teachers and experience their unique styles and class offerings that are flowing here at the studio.
Note…each teacher offering a class in the schedule below is independent of the studio and payment will be made directly to that teacher for their class, and are separate from any studio packages purchased through Lindsey. Please contact each teacher with any questions regarding their class. Thank you.

Sundays, 4pm - NamaStyle Yoga with Ashley Matousek (75 minutes) at the Au Naturel Studio
*Visit Ashley’s website for class info and class dates, and to SIGN UP for her class: 


Au Naturel yoga classes and private sessions are held in an intimate cozy studio space at Cattletrack Ranch, tucked in the heart of Scottsdale. This is a unique studio that has an energy all its own. Many comment feeling safe and grounded, loved and supported in this if they are coming home. In my classes you will receive guidance to tune into your breath, align your body with various modifications and/or props if needed to support your unique physical condition, gentle loving adjustments to guide the body in its natural space, community connection with group classes and events, and holistic support for your practice and self-care. The journey on the mat is only the beginning. It is here that guides the way to what is within.

Address: 6207 N. Cattletrack Road, Studio #8, Scottsdale 85250 (east of Scottsdale Road, between McDonald & Lincoln)

Yoga Studio Entrance is through the Courtyard of the Ranch House, look for signage to guide the way.

*Previous Class Packages that have already been purchased are good for One Year from date of purchase* 

Additional Info on Various Class Descriptions and Yoga Styles Available:

Gentle Yoga - Slow and gentle movement with mindful breathing. Mostly seated or low to the ground postures. Incorporating gentle strengthening and deep stretching. Most stretches held for longer time to allow for deeper experience and release. A great class for beginners, those that move a little slower, want to go in deeper, or who need a modified practice. This is all about healing and feeling good. All-levels welcome. Great for Beginners.

Slow Flow Yoga - Slow and Mindful movement with breath to experience a moving meditation where energy flows and the mind stills. Various postures and stretches held for deeper experience. Class includes seated, standing and balancing postures. All-levels welcome. 

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra - Relaxing postures seated or laying down, using the support of yoga props to get the body into comfortable supported positions. Each pose is held anywhere from 3-10 minutes to allow the body to relax and open.

Yin Yoga or Yin & Restore (gentle deep stretch) - Seated or reclined postures, focusing on deep stretches held for 3-5 minutes. Through the longer holds, we move into the connective tissue and fascia around the muscles while creating healthy stress for the joints of the body. Opening up the meridians (energy lines) in the body, allowing energy to flow more freely with a sense of ease. My teaching style of yin allows each individual to create a variation of the posture that feels most nurturing to their bodies. Therefore, props and variations are offered and welcome to create a restorative component to the experience. All-levels welcome. Beginners too.

Prenatal / Womb Yoga & Meditation - A specialty class for us women to come together and nurture our sacred feminine wombs, connecting to the divine energy within. Whether you are a pregnant mama, in the realm of becoming pregnant, have been pregnant, or any woman in life's journey looking to love and nurture her womb space, please join us. In this class we will be creating a nurturing environment for self-care and connection to this sacred space within, and for pregnant mamas, feeling into and connecting to the life being created within your womb. Practice will include gentle yoga postures specific to strengthening and opening the female body accompanied with restorative postures to relax and soften the body...all to honor the beauty of the body. Along with introspective practices of breath work and meditation to support all aspects of the woman/mother on her journey. Modifications available for all phases of pregnancy and for all bodies. Beginners welcome. *This class is open to ALL WOMEN. It's a Nurturing, Womb, Love class for us all.

Yoga Nidra (also known as Yogic Sleep or Sleeping Meditation) - A step by step guided meditation to complete and total relaxation. Laying in a comfortable reclined position (supported savasana), resting into stillness and ease, you will be guided to journey in, exploring the spaciousness and ease that resides within. Through the practice we will release tension from the body and allow stress to clear from the mind, offering resolution of deep tensions of the subconscious, and implanting new intentions of your heart’s desire. It's a beautiful journey transitioning from the thinking and doing of day to day life, to the feeling and being of your true nature. Nothing to do, just allow yourself to be. All-levels welcome. Great for Beginners and those looking for relaxation and ease in body and mind. 

Meditation benefits include calming of the mind, slowing of thoughts, relaxation of the physical body, a deeper connection to the spiritual self, a sense of compassion for self and others, and acceptance within the flow of life...and more! 

Sound - using quartz crystal singing bowls to create healing sound vibration that may enhance meditative mental states and energetically align the energy centers of the body. Sound may be weaved into various classes.



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