Lindsey Smith Campbell,

Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide

Born and raised in the Midwest, I came to the valley of the sun in 2000 to further explore myself and the world, and in that journey, discovered what lives in my heart, my deep love and respect for nature, uplifting community, and a calling to serve others on their personal journey through my work as a Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach. 

It was through my own challenges that I began to awaken to this possibility and potential within each of us. I was at a point in my life where I recognized my inner light had dimmed, and I was numbing myself from feeling the sadness that was present in my heart. I was lost, disconnected, and I yearned for something more. A journey that would set me off on a completely different path than what I even knew was possible. In the beginning I thought I needed to make a huge change in my life to find the light again, but as I started to make small changes that allowed me to explore and connect in new ways, my life began to shift in some really big ways. It was within a few months of making these changes that I connected to a new community of love and support, began yoga teacher training (the first conscious step into my soul’s purpose), and met and began dating my life love partner who is now my beloved husband and father of our son. From these major shifts, I continued to say yes to my heart, diving deeper into a place of exploration, and inner work that was really about letting go of so much that no longer served me that I had been conditioned to believe was me, and stepping forward with trust to co-create a life where I am living in a way that dreams are unfolding into reality beyond what I even knew was possible. It isn’t always easy to embark on a path of more awareness, as it also calls forth more action, practice, and responsibility. But the potential that lives in the sacred action and mindful practice creates more opportunity, more empowerment to live from our hearts and honor that truth and divine love. I am grateful every day for conscious choice, for the ability to grow, and to witness what continues to open up within myself, my life, in my clients and loved ones; including the joy, love and peace that I often feel within me and all around me.

It is a practice to say yes to that which calls, and no to that which no longer serves. It’s a journey of exploration and discovery. And the teachings and offerings are continuously unfolding. I am grateful that I don’t have to do it alone. With nature’s abundance, the wisdom of my teachers, amazing community, friends, family and loved ones that surround me, I am often reminded that Spirit is always here. 

I received my yoga teacher training certification through At One Yoga in 2009. Since, I have continued my yoga education through various teachings focusing on Restorative and Meditative practices, including the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra, and am currently finishing an intensive training with the Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy program at Inner Vision Yoga in Tempe, Arizona. Expanding further in the wellness realm, I also pursued a holistic health coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of New York in early 2011, and began my practice as a Holistic Wellness Coach through my business, Au Naturel Wellness. In my coaching practice, I weave the offerings of wellness, life and spiritual coaching together with yoga therapy techniques of energy work through breath, movement, sound, meditation and mindful awareness…to embrace the body’s innate wisdom and healing potential. It is through these mindful self-care practices and inner work guidance that nurture and support each individual on their unique journey of healing their hearts and awakening to their abundant nature. 

It is with deep honor and great privilege to hold loving and sacred space for others to journey within, supporting the shift out of the thinking and doing that is often in overdrive, to soften into the feeling and being essence of our feminine nature. It is here where we get to feel and connect to more of who we truly are. It is here where we get to breathe and feel into our bodies, present to receive what is coming forth and through, and integrate the therapeutic practices to clear and release stuck energy, depleting thought patterns, and held emotions. It is here where we have the opportunity to feel something more, something real, and awaken to our true nature and the divine love and trust that is within our very own sacred hearts.

My wellness based offerings have gifted me the opportunity to co-create with other heart-centered practitioners, leading various wellness based workshops, and events, including Farm to Table dinners and Specialty Dinner Parties with my husband, Chef Matt Campbell. Along with sacred moon events, women’s circles, workshops and retreats with my dear soul sister, Dusti VanTilborg.

My Education & Experience

Formal Education: 

Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing at Arizona State University, graduated 2004

Health Education:

Holistic Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, graduated 2011

Yoga Education:

Certified 200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training through At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ 2009

20-Hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training through SWIHA in Tempe, AZ under teacher Mary Bruce

20-Hr Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training under Arizona teacher, Steve Price

20-Hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through SWIHA in Tempe, AZ under teacher Gila Shire

300-Hr continued Yoga Teacher Training through the Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy Program at Inner Vision Yoga in Tempe, AZ (August 2015-present)


Banner Photo by Images by Blaire Catherine at the Au Naturel Yoga Studio