Photo taken at an Art on the Mat - creative play and yoga experience. More to come!

Sharing in special events to experience
community and connection.


DIVINE RELAXATION - Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra
Friday, Oct 4th

Farm to Table Dinner
Friday, Oct 11th at Hunkapi Farms

Oct 12-14 in Cottonwood, AZ
*October’s Full Moon Embrace will be held at this Retreat, outside, under the Moon and Stars*

Community Gathering in the Courtyard of Cattletrack Ranch (outside the Au Naturel Studio)
Saturday, Oct 19

EMBODYING THE SACRED - A Women’s Circle and Monthly Workshop
Canceled due to unforeseen circumstances - Please check back for future Circle Gatherings*


An Experiential Women’s Retreat to Embody the Sacred
Nov 14-17, the Posada in Tucson AZ
Link to Retreat Info:

Divine Relaxation - FLYER - OCT 4, 2019.jpg

In this specialty two hour experience, we will journey into an incredibly relaxing, deeply nurturing, and beautifully healing practice of Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

It is through your Intention of Relaxation that the shift begins to happen, and the restorative yoga postures can provide an opportunity for your body to slow down, to relax into support, and begin to melt away the stress from the day, from the world. As we begin to support the body in this way, we then create an opportunity for the mind to slow down, calm down, and quiet, and we are offered the gift to experience space between the thoughts. Whether you have meditated before, or never, Yoga Nidra is a beneficial way to begin, or even deepen an already existing practice. In this step by step guided meditation, there’s nothing for you to do, just lay down comfortably, supported, and listen to the words, they will guide you in. Into the space within. Where you can Just Be.

The method of Yoga Nidra is also known as sleep meditation, and guides relaxation through all aspects of one’s being…physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energetic layers…restoring on a very deep level. The potential to transcend from the physical body and thinking mind to experience the space, peace, and ease that is within. And as we weave our personal intentions into our practice, imbedding them into the subconscious, there resides the power to create real change within one’s self and life.

*All restorative postures are done seated or laying down with the support of yoga props to assist the body to surrender into a restful space. For the Yoga Nidra portion, the guided meditation will be done laying down comfortably in the supreme resting pose, savasana, or any other preferred position that allows you to relax and be still.

No yoga experience necessary, just an Intention of Relaxation.
*Intimate group gathering, limited to 12 attendees. Pre-Registration recommended.*

Please Register with payment through Venmo to @aunaturel-lindsey
$30 for regular registration
$24 rate for current coaching/private yoga clients
If you are not currently on Venmo, you can email me directly to coordinate paying cash or make payment through PayPal to (please select “Sending to a Friend”)
If event fills, registration is non-refundable within 48 hours of event.

Picnic in the Courtyard - FLYER - OCT 19 2019.jpg

The beauty of the Season is calling us out to Play!
To Gather in Joy, as CommUnity ✨

PYOP (Pack Your Own Picnic)
Please bring your own food, drinks, utensils, blanket and anything else you would like
to Picnic in the Courtyard.
Yard games are welcome! As are costumes, activities,
and anything else that would make this fun for you!
(recyclable/compostable materials for serving utensils are requested)

There will be a Community Offering table
for anyone wanting to share a favorite dish or snack with others.

No Registration necessary,
though a friendly message to let me know you plan to join would be appreciated 🙏

Desert Bloom Retreat - FLYER draft 9-21-19.jpg


Gathering in the Sonoran Desert. 

A retreat experience for women rooted in ceremony and ritual. We believe in the power to elevate the future through the embodiment of the ancient new feminine wisdom.

November 14th- 17th
Tucson, Arizona

*This is an intimate gathering available to 10 women*
Retreat Website has all the details and registration is open:
Please email with any questions